Update on the $10 Fundraising.

March 15th, 2009 | Posted by john in General

So we are two weeks into the challenge and hereís where we stand:

Iíve had several people donate and we are now up to $865! Weíre making the way there, but I still need donations if I am going to reach the $2300 mark by the end of March!! If you can donate $10 or more it would be HUGELY appreciated! As an added incentive, if I reach $2300 by the end of March, I will WEAR A BIG PINK BRA the entire first day of the walk! Just think, a simple matter of $10 or more can not only help in the fight against breast cancer, it can help you get to see me walk around in a big pink bra.

Maybe youíre thinking, ďJohn, Iíd really like to see you shave your head and then see you walk around with a big pink bra on, but I have already donated. How can I make sure these things happen?Ē Itís simple, just send this e-mail on to everyone you know that might donate and see if they can help in the cause. The more people that see this and donate, the closer we get! So please donate and forward this to friends and family! Again, the link is:


Now I would like to take a second to send out a BIG thanks to all the people have contributed so far. Iím going to list them here (if they chose to be anonymous on the web site, I will not mention them by name, but know that I am extremely grateful for all the donations). Here they are:

Erin Ostenson
Steven Bruno
John Davis
Taryn Sikorski
Douglas Byrd
Kevin and Georgina Brown
Dale Chiapuzio
Joe Seran
George Chongris
Dani Shrader & Rich Fox
Elizabeth Harper Pfeiffer
F. David Simonds
Brian Czajkowski
Stacy and Blake Rudolph
Andy Asava
Holly Wright

Thank you all for your help! Iíll send out another update next week when we are one week away!



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