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March 20th, 2010 | Posted by john in General

If this is your first year walking, you may not know this. If you have walked before then you definitely know that there’s not a lot of men in proportion to women on the 3-Day. I realize that it’s a health issue for women and that means that a lot of women will be there, but I honestly expected to see a higher ratio of men to women. With that in mind, I put together this small set of reasons to do the 3-Day if you are a man, or to help you convince the man in your life to do the 3-Day.

Men Love Women!

By far the simplest reason that I can come up with here. I would say that 99.999% of men love at least one woman. It doesn’t matter whether they are gay or straight, everyone has a mother or a sister or a great friend that is a woman. Not to mention the men that have girlfriends, wives, daughters, neices and so forth. This reason alone should make more men decide to walk, but if not. Let’s continue.

Most Men Love Boobs!

Hey, it might be a little crass to use this as a reason for getting men to walk, but let’s be honest. Men do love boobs. Every dollar that is raised in the 3-Day for the Cure goes to efforts that either:

A) Prevent healthy boobs from getting breast cancer.

B) Saving boobs that have breast cancer.

Most men would agree that we don’t need to have fewer boobs in the world.

Men Love Not Having to Wait In Line for Showers!

The little known fact about the 3-Day is that if you are a man and you want to take a shower at the end of the day there are no lines. Ok, so this may change if the purpose of this article is met, but as of right now, the ratio of women to men is so high that even though there is only one shower truck for men, I have yet to have to wait in line to take a shower.

Bottom Line

Ok, all kidding aside now. I realize that the reasons above are silly for one reason or another. Here are some real reasons, provided by the american cancer society:

  • In 2009 approximately 40,170 women are expected to die from breast cancer, second only to lung cancer in cancer deaths for women.
  • Approximately 192,300 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in 2009.
  • Something a little closer to home for men: In 2009, approximately 1,910 cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in MEN and approximately 440 men will die from the disease.

Get out there, sign up and start walking men! I hope to see you on the walk this year! If you would like to sign up to walk, go to: go to Get Involved and click register. If you would like to join one of the teams that I’m walking with, click one of the links below!


Dallas: and click to join John’s team!


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