Friday Poll – John’s Bras Results

July 9th, 2010 | Posted by john in General

We’re not doing a poll today, but since last week was more of a quiz to see who could guess how many bras I would be packing, I thought I would go ahead and put the results here.

34% of people that voted said that I would be packing 3 bras for the 3-Day for the Cure and sadly, they would be wrong. The next highest vote was for 6 bras with 22% of the vote. Congratulations people that voted 6, you were correct! Rub it in your friends faces that you were able to guess how many bras this guy was going to pack on the 3-Day. Or maybe not. For those of you wondering, here’s how it breaks down:

3 bras for wearing that I promised donors that I would do in my video fund raiser.
3 bras will be on my backpack. One is the Survivor bra, which helped me in fund raising, One is a thank you for The Speed Gamers for raising over $10,000 to help out with fund raising and one is in memory of Misha Thomas, who lost her fight against breast cancer this year. Here’s what the bras on my pack will look like. You’ll just have to wait to see what the bras that I am wearing will look like.

<%image(20100709-bras.jpg|400|300|The Bras)%>

Thanks everyone for voting and trying to guess how many bras I will be packing. I’ll see you at the 3-Day!


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