Checking the Mail

November 6th, 2010 | Posted by john in At the Walk

I missed the mail pickup in Boston when I was there and because of that I now know that I really missed out on quite a bit.  Last night I got a BOAT load of mail.  I knew that the 3-Day Tweeps were going to send me some mail, but I had no idea that it would be that much.  To be totally honest, I am still going through all of it.

Even though I haven’t read it all, I know that they are all going to be awesome just from the sampling that I have had.  The mail that I have gotten has made me laugh, made me tear up a little bit and been just incredible to get.  I would like to share with you some of the mail that I got and I would like to encourage anyone that is reading to make sure to send your walker mail for the next walk that a loved one, friend or even a stranger is doing.

Ok, let’s start with mail from Kristen Cincotta (@kscincotta).  This one really kind of made me a bit emotional, and not because it was saying that I did great fund raising.  Here it is, I’ll explain some stuff and why it did that to me:


Congratulations on finishing Day 4!  I hope your feet are holding up just as well, if not better, than they did in Boston.  I wanted to tell you yet again how blown away I am by your fund raising success this year.  You have raised more this year than I have in 3 years combined.  I can tell you, your fund raising totals will be almost enough to pay for one scientist for a whole year.  That is AWESOME.  Thank you so much for all your hard work!


Ok, you may be wondering why she’s saying day 4.  Kristen and I both walked in the Boston 3-Day for the Cure earlier this year, so technically this is the fourth day of the 3-Day for me this year.  The thing that really got me here was when she said that my fund raising totals will be almost enough to pay for one scientist for a whole year.  Really and truly, the reason that we do this is to fund the research necessary to end breast cancer.  To hear that my money could possibly be use to fund a scientist that is in this fight is amazing.  I had never really thought of this before about how directly my fund raising will go towards making the end possible.  In fact, when I was walking today, if I started to get some aches, I thought to myself, “one scientist for a whole year, one scientist for a whole year.”  That in my mind is an amazing thing.

Ok, the next letter that I’m going to talk about, I’m going to have to describe a little more.  The letter that I got from Cat Holland (@fatgirlwalkin) could almost be described as explosive.  When I opened the letter from Cat, an enormous amount of shiny pink confetti spilled out.  I opened some more and more spilled out.  It was frankly amazing how much she was able to fit in this envelope.  I chuckled to myself because I remember Kristen mentioning opening Cat’s mail in Boston and it basically exploding all over her tent.  She cracked up and I did too.  As I write this, I still see a couple of pieces of the confetti on my keyboard.  A smile at the 3-Day added to all the ones that you will already have there is a great thing.

There were a lot of letters wishing me luck and saying how proud they were of me and they all meant a whole lot to me, but I couldn’t pick out just one, so I need to just say thank you to everyone that sent a letter at the 3-Day.  If I didn’t mention your letter, it’s not because I didn’t love it, it’s because there were so many great letters it was hard to pick just one more!  It was a real treat to hear from you all and to have something in the mail at camp.  I’m going to sign off now and finish reading my letters!


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